Meet the Conductor

Carol Jacobson

Carol Jacobson has been the Music Director and Conductor of the Eureka Symphony for more than a decade.  Teacher and conductor of the Arcata -McKinleyville High School Orchestra and Madrigal Choir for 20 years, she has inspired numerous young people to excel.  She says, “Once you have experienced the magic of exceeding your expectations, your life is never the same again.” The North Coast Journal has referred to Ms. Jacobson as a “force of nature.”

An accomplished cellist, Ms. Jacobson earned her bachelor’s degree at Humboldt State University, with further studies at the Salzburg Mozarteum, The Royal Danish Conservatory and the Netherlands Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She was a member of the Netherlands National Ballet Orchestra in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Radio Symphony, the Oslo Opera Orchestra and the Netherlands Strijkers Ensemble.

She has worked with many conductors, including, Valerie Gergiev, Kent Nagano, Jaap van Zweden, Sixten Ehrling and Edo deWaart. She is currently studying conducting with Scott Seaton. She was conductor of the Humboldt State University Orchestra and directed the Humboldt Music Academy. She plays in the Temporary Resonance Ensemble with Terrie Baune and John Chernoff and is principal cellist in the North State Symphony.

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Meet the Symphony

The Eureka Symphony is composed of community members — including teachers, doctors, professors, retirees, students, and more — from across the Humboldt Bay area. Each year we perform a wide range of classical compositions with appeal to all ages. We have been proud to premiere several works in the last few years and are delighted to welcome acclaimed guest soloists to join our concerts. We present at least one choral work and sometimes a theatrically narrated selection during our season.


Carol Jacobson, Music Director & Conductor
Sponsored by Pamela Ford Cavanagh & James W. West

Violin I

Terrie Baune, Concertmaster
Sponsored by Stephanie Perrett

Karen Davy, Associate Concertmaster

Lori Anderson

Maggie Czajka

Mary De Andreis

Vanessa Kibbe

Marilyn Page

Gwendolyn Post

Graham Russell


Reid Blickenstaff, Principal
Sponsored by Cliff Moon

Angela Galiotto

Laura Goff

Kathleen Lee

Emma Marquez

Mary Meza

John Nelson

Aurora Pitts

Verona Sorenson

Thomas Starkey-Owens


Holly MacDonell, Principal
Sponsored by Margaret Ann Augustine

Susan Fowle

Sherry Hanson

Rachel Huang

Don Morris

Kit Morris

Katie Swisher


Garrick Woods, Principal
Sponsored by Julie Fulkerson

Jesse Alm

Mark Creaghe

Katy Hartridge

Mie Matsumoto

Emily Morris

Elizabeth Morrison


Dario Olachea, Principal
Sponsored by Karole Ely & Alexandra Stillman

William Andrews

Patricia McHaney

Bear Winkle (on leave)


Jill Petricca, Principal
Sponsored by Carol Scher

Angela Petricca

Kearney Vandersal


Gwen Gastineau-Ayoob, Principal
Sponsored by William Greenwood, in memory of John Morrison

Heather Dial


Ellen Weiss, Principal
Sponsored by John & Nancy Van Speybroeck

Susan Sisk


Michael Robertson, Principal
Sponsored by Pamela Ford Cavanagh

Ronite Gluck, Principal (on leave)

Donald Bicknell

Anwyn Halliday

Matthew Morgan


Aaron Lopez, Principal
Sponsored by Mary Ann & Peter Bansen

Danny Gaon


Chris Cox, Principal
Sponsored by James W. West

Adam Keele

John Petricca


Michael Kibbe


George Epperson, Principal
Sponsored by Stephen Sottong

Phil Sams

Richard LaForge


Fred Tempas, Principal
Sponsored by Barbara Madaras


Michael (MJ) Fabian, Principal
Sponsored by Milton J. Boyd

Courtney Abajian


John Chernoff


Candace Livolsi

Jessica Schaeffer


Michael Kibbe


Vanessa Kibbe


Paul Swietek


Silvia Mazzone-Clementi

Symphony Chorus!

If you ever dreamed about being on stage and singing in a world-class symphony chorus then it's time to make your dreams come true!

To learn more or to schedule an audition please reach out to Vanessa Kibbe at

Chorus 1

Auditionees should be prepared to...

  • Sing a major triad on any given pitch that is played for you (on the piano, usually 5 or 6 different pitches)
  • Sing a minor triad on any given pitch that is played for you; sing a whole step up or down as requested on any given pitch
  • Sing a half step up or down as requested on any given pitch
  • Sing back a combination of 6 pitches that will be played for you (tonal memory)
  • Read music and sight sing two short passages provided to you
  • Sing any solo piece of choice that shows the auditionee’s voice to its advantage.

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