Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The Eureka Symphony, a community orchestra, will be recognized as a premier cultural institution and integral part of the Humboldt County cultural environment.

Mission Statement

The Eureka Symphony is a community orchestra providing high-quality music that is performed, supported, and appreciated by all ages, bringing enrichment to musicians and our community.

Leadership & Board of Directors

Robin Hashem

Robin Hashem serves as General Manager for the Eureka Symphony and provides pivotal oversight of symphony operations, including acting as a bridge between the Board, staff and community. After years in the outdoor industry, Robin comes to the Eureka Symphony with a wealth of management, marketing and public relations skills. She strives to work synergistically with the symphony board, artistic director and others to help the Eureka Symphony reach its full potential as a cultural icon of Humboldt County and the North Coast.

As a child in elementary school, Robin’s first encounter with a symphony was through a school program opportunity with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under the musical direction of Max Rudolph. That experience, coupled with Leonard Bernstein’s Young Peoples Concert series, kickstarted her lifelong enchantment with the power, grace and potential of an orchestra. Due to that experience, the Eureka Symphony’s commitment to community education through its Schools to Symphony, Symphony to Schools and Musical Notes lecture plays an important part in her work with the Symphony.

Born in Kentucky, Robin came to Humboldt County by way of Nashville and has made Humboldt her home. She’s an active member on Arcata’s Transaction and Use Tax Oversight Committee (TUTOC) and has also served on Arcata’s Budget Task Force.


Board of Directors

Left to Right: Catherine Alexander (Treasurer), Sidddiq Kilkenny (President), Kristie Ghisetti (Vice President), Tom Lisle (past President), Stephanie Perrett (Recording Secretary), Anita Fullbright (Director), Lisa Hockaday (Director), Annalee Veach (former Director), Olivia Gerving (Player Rep), Vanessa Kibbe (Player Rep), Jill Petricca (Player Rep), Pam Cahill (Director), Laurie Takao (Director)

Not Shown: Steve Cole (Director), Sheila Marks (Director), John Shermer (Director), Carol Jacobson (Music Director)


Siddiq Kilkenny, President
Kristie Ghisetti, Vice-President
Stephanie Perrett, Recording Secretary
Catherine Alexander, Treasurer
Tom Lisle, Past President


Pam Cahill
Steve Cole
Anita Fullbright
Olivia Gerving, Player Representative
Lisa Hockaday
Vanessa Kibbe, Player Representative
Jill Petricca, Player Representative
John Shermer
Laurie Takao
Sheri Woo

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Tickets (707) 845-3655


P.O. Box 776
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