Dedicated to the performance and enjoyment of world-class music for people of all ages and backgrounds, the Eureka Symphony embraces music’s transformative joy of discovery and presents the best of the classical repertoire from Baroque to today and beyond!

We look forward to a vibrant 30th Anniversary Season in 2021-2022!

Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions we cannot offer concerts right now, but check back here or our Facebook page for updates on future performances.


Symphony Chorus!

If you ever dreamed about being on stage and singing in a world-class symphony chorus then it's time to make your dreams come true!

To learn more or to schedule an audition please reach out to Vanessa Kibbe at

Chorus 1

Auditionees should be prepared to...

  • Sing a major triad on any given pitch that is played for you (on the piano, usually 5 or 6 different pitches)
  • Sing a minor triad on any given pitch that is played for you; sing a whole step up or down as requested on any given pitch
  • Sing a half step up or down as requested on any given pitch
  • Sing back a combination of 6 pitches that will be played for you (tonal memory)
  • Sight sing two short passages provided for you
  • And sing any solo piece of choice that shows the auditionee’s voice to its advantage.

New to the

Is this your first time to the symphony? How long will the concert last? Where should I park? What should I wear?

If you have questions like these, just click below to find out!

Conversations with Carol

"Conversations with Carol" is a series of 9 short videos with Carol Jacobson, Eureka Symphony Music Director, answering questions about the Eureka Symphony during Covid-19, plus offering other insights about conducting.

Galas Are Always Fun!

The Eureka Symphony Gala is always entertaining and this year was no exception with good company and great music to enjoy!  Join us on Facebook for more photos of the lively evening.

Stay tuned for next year's date where you'll be able to purchase Gala tickets at the same time as your season subscription!

From the Music Director

Carol Jacobson

Welcome to the 28th Season of the Eureka Symphony. We are so delighted to be able to offer this amazing musical adventure to all of you here on the North Coast.

Together we'll experience some great music played by this wonderful orchestra, meet some new composers and hear fabulous soloists traveling here to Eureka just to play for you!

I say it every year, but it remains absolutely true there is nothing like the incomparable joy of live symphonic music.
Come be a part of it!  See you at the Symphony!

Music Director Carol Jacobson

North State Symphony

Eureka Symphony Music Director Carol Jacobson and Concertmaster Terrie Baune also play with the North State Symphony.
Here's the "Gypsy Strings" virtual concert they recently participated in. This performance was co-curated by Music Director Scott Seaton and Concertmaster Terrie Baune, and was recorded at Old City Hall in Redding, CA and the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, CA.
The program features:
Brahms Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25, mvt. IV
Schumann Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor, Op. 110, mvt. IV
Klughardt String Quintet in G minor, Op. 62

Bravo to our Concert Sponsors!

 A special thanks to our amazing sponsors who help us achieve our symphony mission.

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