Your generous donation today will help the Eureka Symphony continue to serve our community for years to come. Thank you!

Ways to Support the Eureka Symphony

We are grateful to our patrons, donors, sponsors, and volunteers who make our season possible.

Among the many ways to support the Eureka Symphony, you can

  • be a season subscriber
  • attend our special events
  • make a donation
  • be a sponsor
  • support one of our education programs
  • advertise in our season playbill
  • become a volunteer
  • in-kind donations
  • follow us on Facebook & Twitter

If you have any questions or you'd like to discuss options for supporting us, please leave a message at (707) 798-6139 or email us at


Support Your Symphony

We invite you to be instrumental in the future of the Eureka Symphony and in the music we make today.  Your gifts support the Eureka Symphony's ability to ensure artistic excellence, cultivation of music awareness and appreciation, and enrichment of Humboldt County communities with great music.

Shape the Future

Your gift enables us to have orchestra musicians visit locals schools and provide other outreach programs.

Deliver Excellence

Because ticket sales cover just 60% of Symphony operating costs, your support is critical in delivering 10 performances each year—and bringing fine soloists to Symphony concerts.


The Eureka Symphony is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, # 05-0546860. All supporters will be recognized in our Playbill. The published list will consist of donor names and levels of giving.

  • Platinum $2,000-$4,999
  • Gold $1,000-$1,999
  • Silver $500-$999
  • Sustainer $250-$499
  • Associate $100-$249
  • Friend $10-$99

To give your gift, you can:

  • Make an online donation
  • Mail a check to Eureka Symphony, P. O. Box 776, Bayside, CA  95524

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind gifts are beneficial to Eureka Symphony and are fully tax-deductible.

Please let us know if you can assist with any of the items on our wish list.

  • Guest housing for visiting artists
  • Wine for special events
  • Catering or restaurant services
  • Auction items
  • Loan of a truck or large vehicle for transporting instruments

If you have any questions or you'd like to discuss options for contributing, you can leave a message at (707) 798-6139 or email us at

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Deep Gratitude to These Donors

Thank you to all our donors for your confidence and continued support of live symphonic music in our community. We will be back as soon as we can with gusto! We could not do any of this without you!

Marie Aldinger
Catherine & William Alexander
Simone Aloisio
Ann Alter
John Altorfer
Mary Alward
Debra Jean & Greg Anderson
Stefanie Anderson
Emily Arents
Margaret Augustine
Mary Ann & Peter Bansen
Mary Barker
C. Robert Barnum
Marilynn Bartlett
Nancy Bay
Loretta Bazemore
John Beeson
George Bell
Diana Berliner
Linda Berquist
Michael Bickford
Don & Susan Bicknell
Patricia Biteman
Patricia Blair
Rick Boyd
Milton Boyd
Melissa Brisso
Jean Browning
Pat Bull
Kathrin Burleson
George & Kathy Burtchett
Deborah Bushnell
Michelle Butler
Pamela Cahill
David Callow
Linda Campbell
Laura Cangas
Rita Carole
Linda & James Carr
Valen Castellano
Pamela Ford Cavanagh
Joe Ceriani
Marilyn Cesaretti
Patricia Chaney
Kerry Chartkoff
Jason Chavez
Claire Christen
Sarah Christensen
Edward & Beth Christians
Ann Clark
Jack Cline
Michael Cloney
Donald Cloney
Steve & Margaret Cole
Douglas Coleman
Andrea Collart
Nancy Colson
Caroline Connor
Lola Sue Cook
Chris Copple
Carol Cox
Irene Crichton
Robert Crivello
Karen Currier
Con Daly
Catherine Dellabalma
Nancy Diamond & David Harkin
Caren & Jim Diebold
Betty Diehl
Susan Diehl McCarthy
David & Carol Dillon
Linda Dionne
June Dokweiler
Dona Domingo
Kitch Eitzen
Lj Elder
Karole Ely
George & Ruth Epperson
DeAnn Erks
Kim Ervin
Beth Eschenbach
Ruth Fairfield
Michele Fell-Casale
Max Fletcher
Mary Flowers
Paula Forthuber
Susan Frances
Kathleen Frankel
Amanda Freeman
Patricia Fuentes
Carl & Anita Fulbright
Margaret Gardner
Eleanor Gayner
Edge Gerring
Kristie & Troy Ghisetti
Sara Giannandrea
Peter Goetz
Galia Gourley
William Greenwood
Paul Gregson
Nina Groth & Nick Frank
Jean Guthrie
Albert Hailstone
Susan Halpin
Michele Hanks
Susan Hansen
Sherry Hanson
Claudia Hapgood
Anne Harris
Christine Hawkins
Nancy Hayes
Martha Haynes
Sue Hemmann
Everett Henkle
Kellie Herman
Julia Herman
Anita Hilfiker
Jane Hill
Ellsworth Hilligoss
Judith Hinman
Edith & John Hokman
Kay Hollyman
Beverly Hood
Sharon Hunter
Ronald Irvin
Jack Irvine
Carol Jacobson
Mary & Ray Jerland
Martha & Fred Johansen
Kenneth Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Leslie Keig
Roz Keller
Julie Kelly
Barbara Kennedy
Bruce & Pam Kessler
Siddiq & Matina Kilkenny
Chet King
Kathleen Kinkela-Love
Peggy Kirkpatrick
Kara Lynn Klarner
Julie Koeppel
Teresa Kosmac
Katherine & Dick LaForge
Henry Lambert
Peggi Lawrence
Robert Lawton

Leslie Leach
Susan Lefever
Dorine Leisz
J Richard Lewis
Ralph Limerick
Tom Lisle & Lori Dengler
Lew Litzky & Suzanne Simpson
Byrd Lochtie
Linda Long
Anne Loring
Mary Lowry
Janet Luzzi
Tina & Norman Mackenzie
Debra MacQueen
Barbara Madaras
Dana Maher
Tina Marier
James Martin
Carol Ann Masterson & George Ojala
Joyce Mather
Frederick Mazie
Stephanie McCaleb
Melanie Mccavour
Kathleen McClain
Peggy Mecham-Carlotti
Marilyn Miles
Ken Miller
Shirley Miller
Bruce Miner
Ruth Mitchell
Janice Mitchell
Monique Molina
Robin Montgomery
Marge Montgomery
Cliff Moon
Carol Moore
Hank Moore
Michael H Morris
Joel Morrison
Beverly Morrison
Sue Y. Lee Mossman
Darcy Mouton
Jean Munsee
Ralph Nelson
Denver Nelson
Jane Nelson
Mary Nesset
Doug & Doris Nitsch
Judith & Lewis Norton
Susan O'Connor
Bonnie Oliver
Karen Olsen
Neena Olson
Betty Ann Osborne
Bruce Palmer
Bruce Parker
Stephanie Perrett
Ingrid Pfeiffer
Merry B Phillips
Beverly Post
Naomi Powell
Beth Powell
William & Carolyn Prescott
Michael Proulx
Geoffrey Proust & Barbara Cline
Cynthia Quinsey
Nancy Quintrell
Joan Rainwater-Gish
C.J. & Carol Raplh
Mary Jane Ratjen
Edward Reagan
Diana Renner Noyes
Dan Resnik
Richard Ridenhour
Francis & Gisèle Rivinus
Barbi Roth
Judith Rucker
Marilyn Rupp
Donald Rush
Linda Rush
Linda Russ
Sherman Schapiro
Carol Scher
George & Mary Schmidbauer
Kathleen Schmidt
Mary Schneider
Paul Schulz
Marlys Seitzer
Kay Sennott & Dale Preston
Shawn Shafer
Margaret Shaffer
Dona Sherman
Valerie Simons
Dorothy Skjonsby
Sandy Slonim
Wayne & Penny Sohrakoff
Stephen Sottong
Jackie Sousa
Jennifer Sowle
Kathleen Stanton
Judy Stapp
Christine Stenlund
Angus & Joan Stewart
Alexandra Stillman
Ken Stodder
Judith Stoffer
Pat Stolte
John Stoob
Deborah Storre
Laura Strohm
Edith Stromberg-Wall
John Sullivan
Ann Sullivan
Laurie Takao & Charles Notthoff
Steve Tate
Alberta Taylor
Joan & Fred Tempas
Kathleen Timm
Lynne Todoroff
Marilyn Tucker
David Turner
Carl Ulrich
Clarinda Van Horn
Annalee Veach
Kerry Venegas
Guy Vespoint
Kate & Philip Vogelsang
Jackie Wales
June Walsh
Sharon Ware
Andrea Warner
Rose Weaver
Jo Weisgerber & Roberta Welty
Jim Wheeler
Lawrence & Ann Wieland
Ronn Wik
Joan Williams
Jane Wilson
Helen Winfrey
Patricia-Anne & George WinterSun
Robin Wolff
Sheri Woo & Bill Trush
Mo-ching Yip
Belinda Zander
Richard Zoah-Henderson
Brenda Zwiefelhofer
Humboldt Area Foundation
The Charles & Anna M. Pedrazzini Trust

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Benefits

How can you build an even closer relationship with the Symphony and contribute to the cultural life of our community? We offer specific, unique and limited opportunities for you to show your appreciation and support. All sponsors are listed in the Playbill, and are invited to the annual donor reception. Additional benefits are noted in each category.

$3,500 - Season

  • Recognition on the website and Facebook
  • Acknowledgment on Conductor's Playbill biography page
  • 10 free tickets to the concert of your choice;
  • Opportunity to meet with the Conductor

Concert Sponsor
$3,500 - 2 performances

  • Logo in season playbill, in concert print ads, mention on concert page, Facebook and season brochures (over 2,000 pieces mailed)
  • Listing on Arkley Center marquee (Peak viewer hours - 2,650; peak monthly - 30,500)
  • Full-page color Playbill ad for season (5,000 copies distributed)
  • Live acknowledgment from the stage for both performances; lobby easel signage
  • Lobby table for your company's materials; opportunity for live engagement with our audience
  • 8 free tickets to the sponsored concert
  • First right-of-refusal for the following Season

Season Prelude Gala & Auction

  • Sponsor table (8 seats) — value $800
  • Entry signage; Signage on every table; recognition from podium
  • 1/2 page season Playbill ad - value $500 (5,000 distributed)
  • Recognition in season brochure mailed to over 2,000 symphony patrons

Musical Notes Lecture Sponsors
$1,500 - Season

  • Logo on the website concert page and Facebook; live recognition from the stage; lobby signage
  • Free 1/2 page Playbill ad - value $500
  • 4 free tickets to the concert of your choice

Guest Artist
$1,000 - 2 performances

  • Recognition on the website and Facebook
  • 2 free tickets to the sponsored guest artist concert
  • Opportunity to meet with the Guest Artists

Chamber Music Benefit Concert

  • 4 free tickets to the concert - value $120
  • Live acknowledgment from the stage; signage at the event
  • Free 1/2 page season Playbill ad - value $500

$1,500 - Season

  • Recognition on the website and Facebook
  • 4 free tickets to concert of your choice
  • Opportunity to meet with Concertmaster Terrie Baune

Principal Musician
$1,000 - Season

  • Recognition in the Playbill orchestra roster, on the website and Facebook; lobby signage
  • 2 free tickets to the concert of your choice

Giving Levels

Platinum $2,000-$4,999

Gold $1,000-$1,999

Silver $500-$999

Sustainer $250-$499

Associate $100-$249

Friend $10-$99

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