Schools to Symphony

Each spring, the Eureka Symphony offers Humboldt County school children grades 4-6 the chance to attend a live concert by the Eureka Symphony during their school day.

These free performances are provided as part of the Eureka Symphony’s commitment to providing both high- quality music and music education which increases an appreciation of music within our community.

This Schools to Symphony concert performance in a beautiful concert hall setting is often the first time many of these local students will hear this type of music live or see the variety of musical instruments it takes to perform a symphony. The experience is designed to be an enriching one, giving young people an insight into the creation of music and inspiring students to learn to play an instrument. That inspiration is important, since research has shown that playing an instrument contributes to improved reading and math skills.

The Eureka Symphony provides teachers with a curriculum specially designed to help them prepare their students to get the most out of this special concert experience. We also work hand in hand with the Humboldt County Office of Education to manage the logistics of getting nearly 1,500 students to the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts.

The Schools to Symphony program is made possible through generous donations plus the enthusiasm and commitment of our musicians and Board members. However, the expenses to provide this concert free to students rises each year. If you, too, believe in this program and how it enriches and inspires our schoolchildren, any donation on your part would be welcome. If you would like more information, contact us at or call 707-798-6139.

Musicians to Schools

Musicians to Schools is a longstanding program of the Eureka Symphony where orchestra members visit classes in local schools to introduce classical instruments, increase music awareness, and generate enthusiasm
for playing instruments. 

Small groups of orchestra members play short pieces of music, explain the instruments and music, and provide a question and answer period.

What Makes Musicians to Schools Unique:

  • The program focuses on 4th and 5th grades when many students are deciding which instruments they want to learn
  • Eureka Symphony orchestra members volunteer to participate in the Musicians to Schools program
  • Orchestra members form small groups of two to five players
  • Orchestra members decide which musical pieces they will present
  • Orchestra member groups do their own coordination with local schools
  • Presentations are tailored to each class