The Eureka Symphony is what is known as a community orchestra, composed of community members — including teachers, doctors, professors, retirees, students, and more — from across the Humboldt Bay area. We work hard to ensure the highest quality of performance, both for our musicians and our audiences benefit. Each year we perform a wide range of classical compositions that appeal to all ages, including the premier of several works over the past few years. In addition to our orchestra musicians, we are delighted to welcome acclaimed guest soloists to join our concerts.

Eureka Symphony Personnel

Carol Jacobson, Music Director & Conductor

Sponsored by Pamela Ford Cavanagh & James W. West

Violin I

Terrie Baune, Concertmaster

Sponsored by Stephanie Perrett

Karen Davy, Associate Concertmaster

Lori Anderson

Maggie Czajka

Mary De Andreis

Vanessa Kibbe

Marilyn Page

Gwendolyn Post

Graham Russell

Violin II

Reid Blickenstaff, Principal

Sponsored by Cliff Moon

Angela Galiotto

Laura Goff

Kathleen Lee

Emma Marquez

Mary Meza

John Nelson

Aurora Pitts

Verona Sorenson

Thomas Starkey-Owens


Holly MacDonell, Principal

Sponsored by Margaret Ann Augustine

Susan Fowle

Sherry Hanson

Rachel Huang

Don Morris

Kit Morris

Katie Swisher


Garrick Woods, Principal

Sponsored by Julie Fulkerson

Jesse Alm

Mark Creaghe

Katy Hartridge

Mie Matsumoto

Emily Morris

Elizabeth Morrison


Dario Olachea, Principal

Sponsored by Karole Ely & Alexandra Stillman

William Andrews

Patricia McHaney

Bear Winkle (on leave)


Jill Petricca, Principal

Sponsored by Carol Scher

Angela Petricca

Kearney Vandersal


Gwen Gastineau-Ayoob, Principal

Sponsored by William Greenwood, in memory of John Morrison

Heather Dial


Ellen Weiss, Principal

Sponsored by John & Nancy Van Speybroeck

Susan Sisk


Michael Robertson, Principal

Sponsored by Pamela Ford Cavanagh

Ronite Gluck, Principal (on leave)

Donald Bicknell

Anwyn Halliday

Matthew Morgan


Aaron Lopez, Principal

Sponsored by Mary Ann & Peter Bansen

Danny Gaon


Chris Cox, Principal

Sponsored by James W. West

Adam Keele

John Petricca

English Horn

Michael Kibbe


George Epperson, Principal

Sponsored by Stephen Sottong

Phil Sams

Richard LaForge


Fred Tempas, Principal

Sponsored by Barbara Madaras


Michael (MJ) Fabian, Principal

Sponsored by Milton J. Boyd

Courtney Abajian


John Chernoff


Candace Livolsi

Molly Langr

Music Librarian

Michael Kibbe

Personnel Manager

Vanessa Kibbe

Rehearsal Tech

Paul Swietek

Ticket Officer

Silvia Mazzone-Clementi